Our Impact

Our Impact

"THANK YOU to Luna Cares for being so supportive and helpful during this devastating time in my life. On September 10, 2012, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I have stage IV which has spread into my brain. Luna Cares has been very supportive from the start of my diagnosis of cancer. They have made this painful process so much easier on me. Not only have they helped us financially by providing a free wig, they have also helped emotionally. Thank you again Luna Cares, for making things easier for me."
- Verna

"I received a letter from McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital on February 18 informing me of your generous donation toward several of my outstanding cancer treatment debts. A simple thank you is not enough -- forgive me, I am almost speechless with gratitude. Although I feel very fortunate in having health insurance and being in a situation where my living expenses are manageable -- as long as I cut and cut and cut -- cancer treatment that costs thousands of dollars is overwhelming. I debated whether or not I could go on piling up debt after debt that I might leave to my family, or if I would just have to give it up. What happens to people who aren't as lucky/blessed? You made a difference for me; I can only imagine what a wonderful difference your care makes for my sisters and brothers, mothers, fathers,children...My hope is not only to get through this and carry on with my life as long as possible, but also to be a contributor to your organization to help my cancer family and friends. And I do see this as a true gift, and from my heart, thank you once again! Thank you! :-) Amazing and inspiring..."
- Sincerely, Debbie


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