What We Do

What We Do

We directly support the financial needs of women and their families while undergoing treatment for cancer

Financial Assistance

Our main goal is to assist with the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis whether a woman is insured, under-insured, or uninsured, so energy can be focused on healing. A cancer diagnosis can result in loss of time at work - meaning less money for household bills and expenses. Add the cost of co-pays and deductions and a family can quickly become financially devastated. Luna Cares works with local physicians and hospitals to relieve the financial burden of medical expenses.

Wellness Baskets

Wellness baskets are supplied to female patients receiving chemotherapy at McCullough-Hyde Hospital. The baskets have a $160 value and supply many items which make life more comfortable while undergoing cancer treatments.


Healing is more difficult when a person does not feel good about how they look and many cancer patients loose their hair due to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Each Wellness Basket includes a coupon for a wig provided by The Luna Cares Fund. The program provides color matching of their natural hair, a trim if desired, and care instructions. We believe looking good inspires healing!

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